Pool heating

As the cost of heating your pool decreases the popularity of the various systems is increasing. Not only does it provide a much more comfortable bathing experience it is also beneficial in attracting more bookings to your property and extending the rental period. There are two types of heating that we recommend for their efficiency, solar panels and heat pumps. Traditional electrical heaters and gas boilers are extremely expensive to run here in Italy so we generally do not supply or install them.

Solar panels systems pass the pool water after filtration through a series of panels that heat the water using the sun's rays.  The advantage of these is that there are no running costs but the disadvantage is that they don't heat when there is no sun or the panels are too cold.

Heat pumps remove energy from the surrounding air and then transfer it into the pool water as it passes through the heating elements inside the unit. Unlike a standard electric heating element that uses 1kw of electricity to generate 1kw of heating a heat pump can convert 1kw of electricity into as much as 15kw of heating (or more) depending on how efficient it is. The advantage of these is that they will heat the pool even when there is no sun or the air temperature is cold but obviously they require electricity to run so there are running costs to take into account.

The ideal solution is to have a solar panel system backed up by a heat pump so that you benefit from free heating when the sun is shining and the heat pump kicks in when needed so that your pool is always at the desired temperature.