Sensafe Photometers

Photometers are the most accurate why of measuring your pool water parameters. The old drip type tests commonly for PH and Chlorine as well as the more modern test strips allow for an amount of human error which can lead to incorrect results and subsequent incorrect product dosing. Photometers take out the misinterpretation when comparing colours with drip and test strips so you get a much more accurate result. The disadvantage with photometers is that they tend to be expensive, the cheaper ones cannot always be relied up and they need calibrating which can also be time consuming and expensive. 

During the height of summer we carry out over 200 pool maintenance visits every week and it is important that these are accurate and recorded as many of the properties are holiday rentals. We have been searching for a cost effective photometer solution for our maintenance teams and the Sensafe eXact iDip® is the perfect solution. In fact, it is better than we could have ever hoped for due to the fact that it is an app based system which connects via blue tooth to a mobile phone, has over 40 tests and enables all the tests to be logged, recorded against our clients details and uploaded to a central data base. Another advantage of this system is that all software updates and calibrations can be done via the Sensafe app so the eXact iDip® is always ready to use.

While the eXact iDip® is ideal for pool professionals Sensafe have created the Pool eXact® EZ which is pre programmed with the standard parameter tests and is ideal for the private pool owner without the need for the back up facilities available in the iDip®.