Fairlock pool vacuum head

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The vacuum head that our maintenance teams use.

The Fairlocks unique design makes it the most efficient pool cleaning system in its class.

We have given it a carefully streamlined shape to move faster without stirring up nearby leaves and debris so it uses all the power from the pool’s filtration pump to best effect.

The 19′ wide centrally mounted brush even enables solid debris to enter the suction stream which others leave behind. The Fairlocks unique articulation makes sure the brush gets right into the corners as well as the sides.

The tough poly-carbonate version is ideal for pools with 1/2 h.p. pumps or more which makes it ideal for all pools whether concrete, fibreglass, painted or tiled and because most of its weight is on the brush, even liner pools. It is available with 1.5 inch and 2 inch hose fittings. With spare parts available, a Fairlocks vacuum head is a real investment and will give you years of pool cleaning pleasure.

As the head meets the pool side, the leading wheels force it to articulate, so that the brush cleans right into the corner.