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The Laghetto Classic is the range of above ground pools that continue the Laghetto heritage of more than 40 years in the swimming pool industry.
It’s a range of strong, reliable and durable pools made in Italy, that synthesise 4
decades of research, development and experience in every corner of the world and
in every imaginable conditions. The Classic range is available both
in 100 and 120 cm in the dimensions listed below.

LINER Made of PVC coated polyester 850 gr/mq strong fabric membrane (it pass DIN
53354 test up to traction of 300Kg on 5cm), it is treated with a special coating that prevents dirt from attaching to exposed areas and provides protection
against damage caused by UV light which makes it very durable.

The legendary skimmer of Piscine Laghetto is directly attached to the corner of the
pool liner. The floating head skims the water surface with a perfectly efficient 360
degree action. This is the most effective skimmer design on the market.
Every skimmer includes a pre-filter basket and the wide excursion of the floating head follows the water level precisely for a better efficiency and avoids almost completely unwanted air draw that can damage the pump of the filtration system.
Every skimmer head is equipped with devices for the safety of all swimmers.

Introduced already back in year 2000, Piscine Laghetto safety ladder is the
most stable and secure above ground pool ladder on the market. It’s connected directly to the pool structure to avoid overturning and the outside steps can be lifted to avoid the entrance of the kids when the pool is unattended or unused.

The pipes of the filtration systems are another of the high quality components that
characterise Piscine Laghetto products. Pipes are made of highly resistant and durable white corrugated PVC, with one - and - a half inch fittings, pressure mounted
and glued together (factory assembled to ensure the best possible seal over time).
The pipes, with threaded connectors and gaskets, are screwed to the wall fittings of
the pool and to nipples of the filtering system, without using any type of cable tie.

The technical partnership between Piscine Laghetto and AstralPool introduces
the 6, 10 and 15 mc/h sand filters in all swimming pool kits.

Every pool is supplied with a complete set of foot blocks that replace the need
for any support under the pool legs by providing a solid base. Foot blocks come in white colour to match the structure and the top of the Liners.

Every Classic Pool kit also include a vacuum cleaner (pipe length varies according to the pool size and the number of skimmers).




Warranty validity on the pool (liner +structural parts) is 3 years, warranty
validity on all the other accessories included in the kit is 2 years.