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Free delivery and installation in the local areas of Bari, Putignano, Noci, Turi, Castellana, Fasano, Locorotondo, Alberobello, Cisternino, Martina Franca, Ostuni, Ceglie Messapica, Carovigno and Taranto.

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Laghetto have been designing and manufacturing swimming pools for over 40 years and in 2007 they produced the first of the Dolce Vita range of pools which incorporated a solid structure for the main body of the pool. It is a pool that looks good in any environment and due to its innovative design, it is quick, easy to build and dismantle and remove. This means that it is perfect for areas where a permanent structure is not permitted and only a seasonal pool can be installed.

There are currently 4 models available, the Rattan, Diva, Diva LTI and the Naked. All four are built around a standard metal structure with Rattan, Diva and Diva LTI all having their exterior panels made from hand woven wicker available in several colours. The Naked is supplied without any panels for customers who have their own ideas about finishing the exterior of the pool or want to construct decking around the sides.

The rattan and naked models are supplied with a wooden composite pool borders while the two Diva models utilise the wicker panels to create the pool border. 

There are both cartridge and sand filter options available depending on the size of pool and we recommend that you go for the largest your budget will permit.

  1. Cartridge filter 6 with 1 skimmer
  2. Astral Sand filter 6 with 1 skimmer
  3. Astral Sand filter 10 with 1 skimmer
  4. Astral Sand filter 15 with 2 skimmers

The legendary skimmer of Piscine Laghetto is directly attached to the corner of the pool liner. The floating head skims the waters surface with an efficiency created by the 360 degree action creating the most effective skimmer design on the market. The long travel of the floating head allows it to follow the water level and thereby almost completely reducing the possibility of air entering the filtration system.


Each pool comes with a very efficient LED spotlight with very low power consumption of less than 8 watts and unmatched durability.

All pools have a stainless-steel ladder and maintenance kit supplied.

There are two main optional extras that need to be considered before ordering your new pool.

  1. The optional fixing kit is not strictly necessary for building the pool, but it makes the job a lot simpler and prevents the structure from flexing when the pool is filled and we always use it when we are constructing these pools. If you are positioning the pool against a wall or in a position where the structure cannot be accessed for adjustment once the pool is full then the fixing kit is a must.
  2. A mounting frame is essential if the pool is not being built on a solid concrete base. The pool can be positioned on top of soil, gravel or any other solid surface but it will need the mounting frame to be constructed first for the main structure to be bolted on to.

Contact us to discuss both these options before ordering.

Diva LTI

The Diva model utilises the same rattan finish to create the top edge border of the pool rather than the wood composite used in the Rattan and Naked models. 

The LTI has the pump and filter in a technical room incorporated in the main structure at one end of the pool.


There is a permanent, chrome ladder secured to the top and side of the pool structure.

Colours available for the Diva LTI are coffee, white and grey exterior panels with white, beige or light blue liners.

Dimensions listed are for the surface area of water. External dimensions are 40cm larger.

Please contact us for discounts on combination purchases.

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