Laghetto POP120 pool

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Laghetto have been designing and building pools for over 40 years and in 2013 they introduced the POP range of pools. There are plenty of pools similar to the POP on the market but none have the same level of quality especially when it comes to the filtration system. A pool is only as good as the water in it and this requires a high level of filtration which the POP provides. 

They are quick to put up and quick to take down but robust enough to be left up all year if required and there is a winter cover available to keep the water clean and clear of debris through the winter months. 

POP pools come in 14 sizes and 2 different depths, 125cm and 120cm 

Liner. This is made of incredibly strong PVC coated polyester fabric membrane which is treated with a special coating that prevents dirt from attaching to it and protecting it against damage from UV light. Liners are available in six colours, classic blue, Caterpillar green, Butterfly lilac, Turquoise blue, Sea sand and Star white. 

Skimmer. The legendary skimmer of Piscine Laghetto is directly attached to the corner of the pool liner. The floating head skims the water’s surface with an efficiency created by the 360-degree action creating the most effective skimmer design on the market. The long travel of the floating head allows it to follow the water level and thereby almost completely reducing the possibility of air entering the filtration system. 

Filtration. There are several different filter options depending on the size of the pool. We would recommend that you choose the largest possible which help maintain the water quality and keep your pool water clean and healthy. 

  1. Cartridge filter 11 m³/h with 1 skimmer
  2. Astral Sand filter 6 m³/h with 1 skimmer
  3. Astral Sand filter 10 m³/h with 1 skimmer
  4. Astral Sand filter 15 m³/h with 2 skimmers

Foot blocks. Every pool is supplied with a complete set of foot blocks that replace the need for any support under the legs as they provide a solid base. Foot blocks are white in colour to match the structure and the top edge of the liners. 

Safety Ladder. The Laghetto safety ladder was introduced in 2000 and is the most stable and secure above ground pool ladder on the market. It is connected directly to the pool structure to avoid overturning and the outside steps can be lifted to avoid the young children climbing into the pool when they are unsupervised.


When ordering please contact us regarding your choice of colour.

The pool sizes are the dimensions of the surface area of the water.  For overall dimensions a further 84cm needs to be added to both length and width.

We supply all replacement parts for the POP pools.

Please contact us for discounts on combination purchases.