Magnolia Spa

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The Magnolia Spa is a very spacious whirlpool tub that can accommodate up to 5 people: it has 3 seats and 2 hydro-massage beds.
For a complete sensory experience, small LED spotlights are installed that generate multi colour lighting effects and an MP3 player to listen to the music you like best.
It is possible to adjust the intensity of the heat, all the massage functions and lights thanks to a simple and intuitive control panel.
Each spa tub can be customised as you prefer. Different colours for the external panelling and different finishes for the internal shell are available on request.
The hot tub has a corrosion-resistant wooden structure: the frame is robust and equipped with metal reinforcements that ensure its durability.
The inner shell is made of shaped acrylic sheets and subsequently reinforced with vinyl and fibreglass. After polymerisation, the tank is coated with a layer of resin, to ensure maximum resistance.

Technical data
Water volume 1230 litres
Dimensions 2.18m x 2.18m x 0.88m
Weight 345 Kg
Sessions 3
Sunbeds 2
Air jets
Water jets
Digital control
Led lighting
FM / USB radio
Ozone generator
Aroma therapy

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