Piscina Mediterranea

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We are no longer stocking this product as the supplier increased the price by 50% during the lock down period.

When it comes to above ground pools there are many different makes and designs ranging from inflatable rubber structures to complete steel structures similar to those used for in ground pools. The Mediterranea is basically a highly reinforced steel panel in ground pool specially designed to be able to sit on any above ground surface with out the need for any structural building support. Its design also means it is quick to build, adaptable and can be finished in a number of external colours as well as a variety of liner options. The filtration system is situated within the structure at one end so the finished pool is clean and tidy and fits in to any outdoor space.

The Mediterranea is a steel structure with external coloured steel panels and a PVC liner internal membrane. The external colours are white, sand, grey, dark brown and dark grey. These panels have a hot painted finish which means they are long lasting and resistant to insects, termites, snow , rain and UV all of which can affect other types of material. 

There are a range of ready made liners available sky blue, sand dark blue, white, grey and green. 

Due to the design of the pool it is possible to use standard pool liners as well as the ready made liners supplied with the pool so it provides complete flexibility as to what internal finish you can have. This means it is possible to finish your pool in one of the unique Alkorplan Touch range of liners to give your pool that extra touch of quality.

The pool kit also comprises of the filtration system, internal white light and electrical panel and a ladder. The kit can also be supplied without the external panels if you want to create your own finish or want to create a decked area around the pool and the panels are therefore not required.

Pool kits are available in two widths, 3.00m and 4.00m and six lengths of 3.00m, 4.50m, 6.00m, 7.50m, 9.00m and 10.50m all with a height of 1.35m. These dimensions are the surface area of the water. If you require the external dimensions then please contact us. 

A counter current swimming system and multi coloured lights are optional extras.

Prices listed are for the complete kit including the ready made liner. If you do not require the external panels or would like a bespoke liner fitted then please contact us for a quote.

Free delivery and installation of the standard lit in the local areas of Bari, Putignano, Noci, Turi, Castellana, Fasano, Locorotondo, Alberobello, Cisternino, Martina Franca, Ostuni, Ceglie Messapica, Carovigno and Taranto