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The Platinum Spas Trident Hot Tub has 40 hydrotherapy jets generously placed in the seats, allowing each user to experience an entirely different massage sensation. The Trident has rotational jets to give a broader massage across the target muscle group, directional jets so you can pinpoint certain areas that need a deeper, powerful massage and perfectly positioned static jets that massage certain areas of the body. Air valves placed around the rim of the spa enable each user to have control over the strength of each seat’s individual performance. Multi colour LED lights further enhance the relaxation possibilities of this superb 2 lounger 13Amp hot tub. 

Neck massage jets
The Trident spa has neck massage jets. You can really get the perfect massage to release tension built up after a long day at work.

Benefits of neck massage:
Relieves muscular tension and pain in the neck.
Improves the elasticity of the skin and the muscles.
Can stimulate spinal nerves, producing feelings of invigoration.
Increases blood circulation to the areas being massaged, promoting healing.

Double Filtration System
The Trident hot tub comes with a new double filtration system with a very modern look which conceals the filters and gives a perfect place to put your chemicals.

Reduces bacteria in your hot tub waters.
Collects more particles from the spa.
Reduces the chance of filter blockage!


Seating for 5 with 40 hydrotherapy jets
1 x Powerful Dual Temp 3HP speed pump
User-friendly Gecko control system
Neck Massage Jets on 1 seat
Multi Colour Base LED
3 hydro massage seats and 2 comfortable lounger seat
2 kW Gecko heater
Air valves to adjust the massage strength
Spray Foam Installation
Requires 230V/13 Amp RCD protected power supply
Dimensions: L 200 x W 200 x D 90cm
Packaged Dimensions: L 200 x W 200 x D 93cm

Please contact us for availability on colour options before ordering.

There is the full range of Platinum spas available so please download the brochure below to check out which spa is perfect for your family.

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