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Laghetto have been designing and manufacturing swimming pools for over 40 years and the Playa is their latest beautiful design. It is sophisticated and adaptable, perfect for a terrace or a deck, in the garden it becomes a piece of furniture and in the house a real water lounge.

With its soft sunbathing areas and the submergible cushions, with the pleasantness of the hand-woven fabrics, Playa is completely customizable, from the sun-bed area to the wicker exterior panels and seating elements.

The playa is available in three sizes 2.20m x 2.20m, 2.20m x 3.20m and 2.20m x 4.20m with three different models, standard, whirlpool, and heated whirlpool.

The filtration system is located inside the pools structure at one end of the pool which creates a smart sun lounger area above the filter compartment. There is a single skimmer with pre-filter connected to a permanent magnet pump and cartridge filter all located in a self-extinguishing technical box.

The main structure of the pool is made from epoxy powder coated stainless steel which produces a strong and long-lasting frame.

There is a PVC coated internal liner in white while externally there are handwoven fibre panels available in three different colours, grey, coffee and Laghetto white.

Inside the pool there is a high brightness LED spotlight to provide internal illumination.

This is the standard Playa minipiscina which does not have the whirlpool bubble or heating systems installed.

There are a range of elements available to create the seating areas around the pool. These include the structural elements of different dimensions and the corresponding cushions and sun lounger. The structural elements are available in the same colours at the pools while the cushions and sun lounger are available in four colours, brown, grey, natural and water.

Also available for all sizes are a winter cover and a thermal summer cover which helps reduce evaporation as well as reduce heat loss from the water when the pool is not in use.

“Elements” are listed separately. The prices listed here are for the Playa pool and the optional sun lounger cushion only. When ordering please contact us with the colour of cushion required.

Contact us for discounted prices for combination purchases.

We stock an entire range of pool products such as chemicals, accessories and spare parts. 

Please contact us for any further information on our products or services.

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