Resilience E series chlorine generator E18 50-70 m³

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Traditional chlorine, when combined with swimmer waste and bacteria in the water, creates chloramines. Chloramines cause common undesirable side effects associated with chlorine. Salt chlorinators convert salt in the water into an endless supply of “free chlorine” that continuously oxidises or eliminates chloramines. With salt chlorination, you will not have irritation to eyes and skin, bleaching of hair and bathing suits, no sharp chlorine odours but you will enjoy silky soft water and unmatched water quality that you can actually feel.

Resilience E – a revolutionary natural salt chlorinator that features advanced digital electronics and simple installation in an “all-in-one” compact unit. Resilience E was designed to ease and optimise the pool owner and operators job. From the simple and quick installation (averages 15 minutes without wiring requirements) up to the easy maintenance this is truly every home-owners dream!

Resilience E is equipped with a straightforward display that indicates the various chlorine output levels. Maintenance and service alerts notify if salt levels in the pool are too low. Most importantly this unique device alerts when cartridge requires cleaning or nears the end of its life span. The quickly pull out cartridge method makes service or replacement an easy task to perform.

Resilience E is manufactured using IP-66 rated materials that contribute to its weather proof. Resilience E is a durable reliable salt chlorinator that can be installed both outdoor as well as indoor. Fitted with a switch mode power supply that can automatically accept 110V or 220V, designed with reverse polarity that allows self-cleaning and plugs into a standard outlet, perfectly capable of working with variable speed pumps, and comes with a pre-supplied cleaning vessel for easy maintenance, Resilience E is the ultimate sanitation device out there!

Resilience E is available in three sizes to fit pools up to 150m3.

Simple to fit.

Simple to use.

Simple to clean